Breaking the wedding norm in 2021 makes for a unique and personal day.

Every so often I meet a couple I wish I was able to get to know better. These two are one of those couples. Nicole and I spoke solely through email leading up to the wedding day, which worked perfectly and also left some mystery to what the day was going to be like and who they were. Not very often do I agree to short wedding coverage unless it is for an elopement or micro wedding, but these two had everything planned so well that it worked perfectly for them. They were so sweet and fit together so well, I am so happy to have been asked to be a part of their day. (Shout out to Nicole's mom for finding me, and a big thank you as well!)

When I first arrived at The Elk's Lodge in Burlington I met Nicole, who was reading and taking in the last calm moments to be had before getting ready. Harrison was already inside preparing and getting ready for the ceremony. Nicole went in shortly after to get into the most lovely unique dress I have seen at a wedding so far. It was full length adorned with white flower details on purple tulle with a train. And the long veil made for a spectacular entrance into the ceremony. For the ceremony the family members came in pairs or by themselves. Both Harrison and Nicole coming in on their own, showing that they are each their own individuals soon to be married.

The ceremony itself was wonderful. The flowers were stunning, the sun was shining down onto them, and the ceremony included each of the closest family members coming up to the couple one by one to assist in joining the two together with an amazing knot tying ceremony.

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