Timeless Wedding Photos

Wedding Photography on Film

Over the past two years I have been exploring the art of film photography on different types of film cameras, color vs. black and white film, developing and scanning film myself, and coping with the idea that you can't see what you captured until after it's scanned. I've found the results to be so fulfilling and really unlike anything you can create with digital photography. I'm excited to be offering multiple film add-ons for your engagement session and wedding - including lettings your favorite guests take on getting those amazing photos that only your family and friends can get each other to take!

3 Rolls of Film


This equates to about 95-110 photos on a 35mm full frame film camera. Desirae shoots, develops, and scans the photos adding an extra section to your wedding gallery! A mix between color and B&W film.

Guest Photos


We all know your family and friends can get each other to open up in a way no one else can! I will supply 3 cameras, each loaded with a roll of film as well as 2 more rolls for when 3 just isn't enough! ~ 150+ photos.

Want even more...?

+$175/roll or camera

3 rolls not enough? Want more cameras for your guests? Let's add on more! All packages include developing, scanning, and uploading to your online gallery by Desirae.