Thompson Park - Stowe, VT

Thompson Park is very cute with different views depending on where we are, mountains, nature, and really cool bridges! This is a very easy walk around. I have been here in all seaons and it hasn't disappointed yet!

Bingham Falls - Stowe, VT

This location is GORGEOUS. While it is a short hike, it is also steep at the end going down to the falls, please do not choose this if you don't feel like it is something you are comfortable doing. It can be fairly difficult and I wouldn't recommend it if you're not used to hiking. This is very strong recommendation - I do not want anyone slipping or getting hurt. In the winter this can be considered dangerous.

Pinnacle Trail - Stowe, VT

The beginning of this trail is a fairly easy walk, slightly up hill. The first section leads up to a gorgeous view of the mountains and sky! Pictured below is about a 15 minute walk - this is not the entire hike up the mountain.

State Park Boardwalk - Stowe, VT

Super easy and flat walk, right down the road from Bingham Falls.