Tori & Jon

As I continue to catch up on posting all my 2022 (and soon to be 2023!) weddings I am reminded of all the sweet couples I have worked with since moving to Vermont, and this couple was nothing short of that. It's hard to put into words how their love is so apparent, purposeful, and how wonderful these two are together. Their wedding day was a work of art, and I don't just mean that in a visual way, from their getting ready until our final goodbyes of the evening their day just made everyone feel like they were apart of something perfect. Their getting ready was filled with laughs, a few tears when exchanging heartfelt gifts, and a sense of togetherness as their friends and family members helped them get ready. Their first look with each other at the State House in Montpelier was special. Their vows filled everyone's hearts with love (and their eyes with lots of tears). And their reception, well that had more laughs, lots of dancing, a private cake cutting, and a special appearance from the couple ON STAGE to play with the band! - which was awesome to say the least.