8/7/2021 - Hot day with a fiery ending.

I have to start off by saying this was one of my all time favorite weddings I have ever attended. Mary and Phil definitely made their day so unique, so personal, and such a wonderful reflection of them. Mary first contacted me after hunting for so long to find a photographer to capture their day, which was only a week or two away and time was quickly counting down. I remember we scheduled a phone call for the next day and starting going through the details and getting to know each other. I knew from the start that these two were amazing people, which they further proved the day of their wedding. I was absolutely honored to be chosen to take such important photos of them.

The day of the wedding I first went to the venue to get capture some shots before anyone arrived. It was amazing. Art, colors, bees, and some beautifully thought out lands. It was breathtaking. Afterwards, I then met Mary and her wonderful wedding party at her Maid of Honor's house to capture some getting ready and detail shots before heading back to the venue. I have to thank all the women for how welcoming and kind they all were. Once everyone was ready we rushed outside to capture some images of them in the limo, then it was time to head off!

Note before continuing: it was SO HOT this day, like 90 degrees in Vermont kind of hot. Those of you that live here know what I'm saying. For those in the South that are thinking that's not too bad, it is when you get used to the winters here. There was a LOT of sweating.

The guests were all there with the last few making their way to the ceremony site. Giant carved wood burnt sculptures wrapped around the perimeter of the seats which bright green grasses and trees lining the property. It was a stunning view. Mary hid away from the view of the guests and Phil behind the hedge maze. I went down to the site to get prepared for their entrances. Phil was already in line up front, waiting for Mary to make her way down. The ceremony itself was beautiful, the vows literally bringing me to tears and leading up to the most exciting announcement of them being officially married. Once it was done we rushed under the shade of some trees where hugs from all the guests to the couple showed how much love there was from everyone in attendance.

I got to steal away the happy to do some portraits before returning them to PARTY! I won't go into too much detail on the party, except for the fact it was AWESOME. And even better, Mary and some of her friends have dabbled in Poi, also known as fire spinning. Scroll to the end to see the fiery finish!

Venue: Path of Life Sculpture Garden - Windsor, VT

Dress: Vows - Boston, MA

Tuxes: McNeil & Reedy - Rutland, VT

Flowers from: Cedar Circle Farms

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