I first met Luci and Chris in November when they invited me to join them for the tour and to go over their wedding plans with the event coordinators. I could tell how in love these two were and how excited they were to finally tie get married. Chris told me how he knew from their first date that Luci was the one he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. They told me of their daughter, Stella, and how excited she was as well. When I came back in January for their big day I was so glad to see the snow covered ground, the gorgeous ceremony site set up inside, and to be able to reconnect with these two and meet their friends and family. I arrived a little early to get settled and make time to be able to run from one wing of the resort to the other. Everyone was in the midst of getting ready, and they all looked stunning! Anticipation was growing and the feeling of rushing to be on time for the ceremony was, too. As everyone was getting ready they made their way down to the ceremony site to start lining up. The ceremony was wonderful. There was such beauty in the fact that they decided to have it done in both Spanish and English, it brought a feeling of closeness up for both families to connect. Their vows brought not only smiles to everyone's faces (see the length of Chris's vows below to understand) but also filled everyone's eyes with tears with their statements of love. It's been so fun and interesting working with so many couples and seeing what they prefer to have captured, these two were looking for more of a documentary type of coverage, wanting the candid moments captured to remember the events and be able to share with their daughter in the future. Once these two were pronounced married we swiftly took family portraits and some portraits of the happily married couple before it was time to PARTY! And these two have families that really know how to get down on the dance floor.

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