6/26/2021 Dreary day made for dreamy photos.

I am so excited to sit down and finally start blogging weddings! I am starting my blog fresh for 2021 and will be posting the weddings I work on from here on out.

I showed up to the private cabin where their wedding and reception was taking place with a worry that the rain was going to make it very difficult to have an outdoor wedding. Luckily enough, it only rained for about 5 minutes a little bit after I got there and then the sky was perfectly overcast for the BEST photo lighting I could ask for. YES, clouds make the absolute best lighting for photos. I made my way inside to meet the bride, Lily, who was beginning to get ready for the ceremony. I started getting to know the family members, the friends, and the cutest dog (and best model) that were already there.

Next we got the detail shots going, getting ready photos of Lily, her step-daughter, and the rings. During this time I met Mike, who assured me that they were not "picture people." I think he was either lying, or confused... because they did amazing. After Lily was done with her hair and makeup Mike got kicked out so Lily had the chance to put her dress on and do the sweetest first look with her mother and step-daughter. After this Lily did a first look with Mike and we got some photos of them together before the ceremony.

The ceremony took place on the beach and was kept short and sweet. Afterwards it was time for food and dances. Once everyone was full of the great snacks and oven baked pizza, courtesy of the Pie and Pasta portable wood-fire pizza oven, we went to do more photos. After we were done and were all assured there was nothing else we felt needed to be captured I headed home to leave them to enjoy the rest of their day with food and drinks in hand.

Congratulations to these two!