To say it's hard to find words to explain these two and their special day is a complete understatement. Gabrielle and Dylan are such a wonderful and special pair. I will spare all the gushy things I have to say about them, and how they will always have a special place in my heart, and tell you about their wedding day! I arrived at the inn in the early afternoon to begin my coverage of their getting ready and snag some detail shots before everyone started to arrive. The inn is SO beautiful! From the trails around the property to the far off view of the mountains peeking over the trees, to the pond where the ceremony took place... it was perfect. The more I wandered around finding all the small details these two added the more in awe I was! After they finished up their getting ready we made our way out to do their official first look in their formal wedding attire! We found a place tucked into one of the trails with the woodland surrounding them to see each other. They got to spend a few minutes to themselves to chat and laugh, as well as get a few photos completed before the rush of the day. Their ceremony was tucked into the gazebo on the pond's edge, including all the members of their wedding party, and some very beautiful words shared by them all. Once these two were pronounced they got to grab some blankets and hang out with their guests for cocktail hour (the perks of doing a first look and doing all your family formals before the ceremony). The party officially began and they got to dance, laugh, and love their night away. They were also gracious enough to schedule some sunset time photos in their day where they got to escape from the business and spend a moment with some quiet prompts to capture those very artistic and special photos you will see below! I can't wait to see where their future takes them.

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