Ceremony at The Barn and Portraits at the Peak!

Janet & Ed will forever hold a special place in my heart - which ALL the couples I get the honor of working with do but it's even more special when it's someone so local to you, that you get to know, or you know some of their family, friends, etc. I am so grateful to them that they refused to stop hunting for a local photographer that they liked and felt a connection with. I am even more grateful to find a new pair of friends in them!

Their day was just so beautiful. The weather was a bit warm but with how cold the winters are in Vermont you have to learn to take the heat with grace and be thankful for it. The top of the peak was noticeably cooler, a bit more breezy, and offered the BEST view of the entire part of Northern VT and Canada. I've been coming to this state my entire life and officially moved here 4 years ago... living pretty darn close to Jay you'd think I'd have ridden the tram before but this was actually my first time! If you're ever in the area DO IT! These two opted to get ready together, Janet getting ready with her mom to help and giving Ed a little reveal as she left the room. It was so fun having everyone together from the start, not many couples opt for getting ready together which is totally understandable but if it's something you want to do there are no cons to it. We were able to knock out most of their portraits and family photos before the ceremony once we were at the top of Jay Peak and have a bit of fun (& ramen for me) as we headed back to the room to cool down before going to the ceremony.

The ceremony was sweet, lead by a family member, surrounded by those closest to them, under the cover of Jay's Barn ceremony site. This was my first wedding at Jay Peak and I have to say... I was impressed!