It's finally here -

While I won't get into all of the details of these two's love story I will say it's a reallyyyyy good one! Through hearing their story on my first phone call with Adriane and again during their ceremony I was so amazed at how much their story sounds like it should be made into a movie. These two first met during college while out with friends. They had to have known they were the ones for each other, but split ways as Adriane went states away to continue her schooling. After only having periodical text conversations throughout their time apart they began running into each other when she returned to VT to begin her career... and after a couple more chapters, an engagement, it was finally their wedding day! These two are so wonderful, gentle, and loving to each other. If they weren't meant to be I don't know who is. Their day was almost as perfect as them, from the weather, the location, the food (seriously, yum), their friends and family, it was great. Take a peak at some of my favorite captures from their day!